Found 14th Jan
yes, I know. just found out the cat has worms and I know nothing about worming tablets.
anyone got any advice or recommendations.
thanks in advance.

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double check with vet,buy tablets like Drontal etc and it's perfectly okay to treat yourself,then straight to vet if no improvement happens quickly.

If it's a big cat then two normal or one Drontal XL.... and consider a pill popper syringe

Can only suggest reading an article like this to begin with and take it from there.…tml

Buy correct dose of drontal, i have to pop it in cats mouth and hold it shut until they swallow as they won't touch it with a 10ft barge pole. Good luck

We cover the tablet in a smooth​ pate and place it with cat food.

Drontal tablets or if fusses like my puddy cat. U can get a pipettes to treat worms on the neck. Don't use bob Martin products. Bad for cats
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