CAT5 10m cable or Plug home network

    I have just got a slingbox which is miles away from my router. i was looking for the best place to buy a 10m cat5 cable or even a home plug network if anyone could recommend a good deal.



    For homeplug try Solwise. 72 quid delivered for pair of 85Mbps.
    But Cat5 is preferred anyway And cheaper. You can get CAT6 for less than 2 quid + delivery.

    yo check maplin im sure there in the sale page ( Home Plug )

    14Mbps HomePlug Ethernet Adaptor Kit



    Don't think that using 14Mbps (6-7Mbps in reality) for video is such a good idea

    i was waiting for that after i posted so i had a back up plan (:


    And what about the other side? You need two of those to work. The link I posted above (Solwise) is for kit of 2 homeplugs.

    get wireless save all the hassel....................

    From my experience (I am using both wireless and homeplug), the Homeplug is much more reliable for video streaming than wireless. YMMV

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies.

    I already have a wireless router . can i just plug a wireless adaptor into the slingbox then?

    Yes, you need wireless bridge. Something like this.
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