Catalogue help

    Hey all

    Right hopefully someone can help me I am after a catalogue pay monthly account that is not part of the little woods empire

    I have seen simplybe fashion world and that but they don't seem to offer very much at all

    Don't like freemans either lol

    Thank you


    The only one I can think of is I think they're part of the Redcats Group

    K & Co ?

    Additions ?


    K & Co ?Additions ?

    both part of littlewoods

    Not sure if you are male or female, but if male.... Jacamo?

    Don't Next do a catalogue?

    sickly sweet

    Don't Next do a catalogue?

    Can you pay monthly with Next?


    Can you pay monthly with Next?

    No idea, but it would be worth a look at the website to see if you like their clothes. You can get cashback with them and you can also use gift cards online which could be handy.

    From the website;
    Next Directory Flexible Account allows you to spread the cost of purchases (subject to status & approval). You must make a payment every month of at least the minimum payment shown on your statement. You can choose to pay more if you want to, up to the full balance. If you only pay the minimum payment it will take longer to repay the balance and you will pay more overall. Missing a payment could have severe consequences and make obtaining credit more difficult.

    Though (sorry for sounding like a mum!) I would urge that it might be worth waiting until you can pay for things outright as you (nearly) always end up paying more when buying on credit and it is an easy way to rack up debt.

    what about



    what about

    Part of Shop Direct who also run littlewoods.
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