catalogues which ones are good to join

    which catalogues are good to join?

    which are basically the same company?


    In my experience Empire Stores was the best-good customer service etc... would listen to concerns & generally treat you as though you were a valued customer etc...
    Now Empire, Littlewoods & GUS appear to be identical - homogenised.
    Quick delivery with Littlewoods & GUS.
    All of the above charge £12 if you're late with monthly payment.
    Look Again customer service - ok to deal with by 'phone.

    I have look again which is the same a grattan, i have never had any problems with them, £1 back in either cash or to reduce yr account balance on every £10 you spend.
    Plus i had an electrical item from them which broke, i sent it back and they replaced it straight away
    I do all my ordering by internet and also send items back and pay my bill thru their online site so no costly calls


    I like [url][/url]
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