Catcha Beast???.....Anyone know of any good deals on these??

    Supposed to be one of the toys of the year but i cant find anything on them on here!!!

    Spotted it on sons xmas list and now im panicing!!

    Thanks in advance guys xx


    I asked a few months back about this


    It doesn't seem to have taken off as planned

    Quick look finds it for £14.69 in Argos

    Reviews not so good though.

    Original Poster

    I saw your thread Den :thumbsup:, did you get one then??

    Hope he wants a red one, blue is more than double the price!!
    Amazon seems to be the best. This site [url][/url] seems to be comparing the prices but they seem a bit out of date.


    I saw your thread Den :thumbsup:, did you get one then??

    I didn't bother in the end as the more I looked the more it looked a waste of money.

    Original Poster

    Well son hasnt specified a colour so red it is!!!! lol

    Got it off Amazon...many thanks everyone...xx
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