cats water fountain

    hey thinking bout gettin one of these for my cats for xmas, anyone got one and if so is it worth getting one? also anyone know good deal on one cheers x


    My kitten has one, the dog uses it also though lol. Although the other cat refuses to use it.

    I personally tried it and I must admit, it is quite tasty water, as good as my Brita filter jug.

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    hahaha the other day i caught my cat with her head down the toliet drinking the water and she loves it when i put the bathroom tap on. She does drink from her bowl but loves it more when its moving

    ^^^^^ Mt cats do that as well, and out of the bath??!!! LOL....
    I must say i have never heard of a cat fountain though........ Would love to try it!!!

    Fantastic idea!

    Purrrrrrrrrrr-fect no less!!


    More silly pet owners, a cat will happily drink out of a puddle no matter how skanky it is. They have no intention of killing themselves through non intake of water.
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