Caturday : Run, Jump, Dance ... (set 2)

Found 28th Aug 2009
Cats take a day at a time, its day is divided into important tasks.

Last weekend we did Eat, Drink, Sleep, the first three.
This week it's how they exercise.
(next week we do another 3 tasks)

Post your best pictures!


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[SIZE="5"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]You say Jump[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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I can do this ...[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Hi Kippy, how are you?

hi all


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you know what - i dont need this. just came back from a really nice evening, and decided against my need for the bed i am going to post a few pictures for some of the old timers but i guess vibeone you have such a bad day you're just bent on ruining anyone's day poor you poor you. well grow up! i actually have better things to do with my time, and nicer people to talk to than you. here's your 2 secs worth of my time feel like a big man now?!

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evening folks. hi kt, martin how's it going.

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I think i'm going to start a vibone fanclub!:)

hey get your own thread too lol.

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Jumping Stars, it's Cooooold![/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Springboard Diving demo[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Windgliding didn't quite work out[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I love Caturday Kippy:thumbsup:
Anyone who doesn't like it can just skip the thread, pay no attention please.
You have fans Kippy:-Dxx

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T'was a close call between the two
but the feline won![/COLOR][/SIZE]

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thanks peeps, for all the encouraging messages. really am not perturbed, just wasn't going to take it lying down, someone has to tell idiots off - i am a Londoner, we survived the bombings you know!

hey kazzy!

Hiya Kip

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OMG marmite chicken for din din![/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Wonder if Basement Cat exists[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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lmao - not such a good idea for the whiskey.
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