caught this youth damaging a wall earlier, what to do?

    i filmed a youth kicking a wall earlier, i've uploaded it so you can help me make a decision. police or not?


    Seen it before, ouch!

    best not phone the police he will only leg it :whistling:

    Ha Ha Ha !!!! Nice 1!!!!!!! As They Say!!!! "say No More"

    made my stomach turn

    vandle? lol

    lmao. karma.


    jump up and down on his head is my solution this to this problem, I'd only expect the same from you guys if I was caught in that situation.

    Report him - he hasn't a leg to stand on!


    Report him - he hasn't a leg to stand on!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :w00t:


    There's no way he was sober when he did that. He must have been legless.

    I bet you any money you like that's the last time he tries to kick a wall down!
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