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Hi, I'm thinking of getting cavity wall insulation and wondered if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with this? Does it solve problems with damp and condensation?

Thanks Guys


Don't know about damp or condensation but we love ours house is much warmer and we have turned down heating thermostat a couple of degrees.
Grants are available for this too for everyone regardless of income etc.…jcg

Would have thought it would have made it worst as you filling the air gap.



Would have thought it would have made it worst as you filling the air gap.

seen a few people say this, i had it doe years ago and still my house is cold, my home never reaches 24 even with the heating balsting out all day

if your house is already damp then cavity wall insulation will probably make it worse. loads of houses around me had it fitted under the grants scheme and whilst we were having some work done i mentioned it to the surveyor and he very strongly advised against it saying that our house wasn't suitable and so we didn't get it done. very glad now as virtually every house around us has had to have it removed because of issues with damp

We had it done & noticed a difference, but it took a couple of weeks for the difference to appear (I guess the wall or the cavity filling or both were slowly warming up). Before it was done I would feel a chill sat near to the outside wall, now I don't:)

This site will helps you to work out whether or not your walls are suitable for cavity insulation:…ion

I Googled quite a while ago and read some real horror stories about how it made damp problems worse,it put me right off!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all your comments.

Its worth noting that damp and condensation are completely different problems. In terms of damp I have heard of various problems with the bridging effect as the cavity has filled, but have never experienced it (I manage 600 properties). In regards to the condensation, it should help warm up your internal walls so that cold moist air won't attract to them. You need to ensure that you heat and ventilate your home well, and ensure that you do not create excess moisture.

Our house is 30 years old. We had cavity installation carried out 18 months ago and haven't had any probs. We have found the house to be warmer and it retains the heat for longer once the timer goes off.
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