Cbeebies Birthday Cards - 19th Dec 2008 - 8am

    HELP! My daughters card was shown on the 8am slot 19th Dec 08, due to Sky + fault it did not record so was missed by us. My daughter is so upset as are we cause her friends all seen it. Unable to get it on BBC iplayer etc. Just wondering if anyone else recorded it, still has it and would be willing to send to us?



    i hope someone can help you guys out

    if not- give a call to the bbc and see what they can do

    good luck:)

    fair few on youtube

    Original Poster

    They must get a lot of requests like this cause it says on their website they can't provide recordings. Just annoyed it's not available on BBC i player - who slogan by the way is 'make the unmissable, unmissable' :w00t:

    Fingers crossed someone has it. :santa:

    Original Poster

    none on you tube for my date...yet

    ask one of her friends parents to video it on their tv?

    got a time machine cluffy for that to be possible? lol

    you could put a want it now add on ebay its free worth a shot

    Original Poster

    first thing i did obviously was ensure no one had managed to record it, oh i wish i had a time machine!! make a wee girl very happy (and her mummy & daddy - LOL)
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