CBT question - scooter and motorcycle riders

When I was 16 (ahem, 10 years ago) I did my CBT for my 50cc scooter and then jumped on an NSR125 when I turned 17, as (I hope) the law was then.
Passed my car test in 2000 and then never bothered much with bikes after that, except a quick 'test ride' here and there.
From what I can see now, though - a CBT will only cover up to 49.9cc regardless of age.
OH has his Cub 90 sitting here from when he was doing his knowledge and it could come in handy for me to use to travel to/from college as there is no parking nearby, so what do I have to do to be able to ride it?

Rep for help and if you can provide back-up for your answers that would be most helpful.

Thank you!


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Aah, looks like I have found it and I will have to do my CBT again, then I can ride a 125

A CBT allows you to ride upto a 125cc motorcycle provided you are over 17 years of age.
You can take your CBT at 16 on a 49cc & stick with a moped untill you reach 17.

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does a cbt run out after a set period?

Yeas 2 years, but if you pass your car test during that time or if you already have your car license then you have 49.9cc entitlement until you are 70 or something
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