CC Dispute !! Help Needed !!

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Found 1st Aug 2008
I had ordered a digicam on the internet and it never came so filed in a dispute against the company. Initially, the CC company charged it back from the merchant but later the merchant provided with a proof of delivery with my name signed... I have checked the consignment number was different on the P.O.D with the one provided to me by customer services on email ... I have sent in all the documents to the CC company ... it appears they are investigating now ... but where does it go from here ... any one had any such experiences ...


No ideas but good luck, can you show it isnt your sig ? ie give them sample, can the courrier help as to where it was delivered. Dont leave it just to the CC company it will help your peace of mind if you do some investigating and confirm you are right :-D

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I thought normally CC company have a copy of the signature ... they can always confirm it from their records ...
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