C&C Red Alert or R.U.S.E for PS3

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Found 7th Jun 2012
I'm looking for some Misc opinions with regards to these two titles. The last strategy game I followed years ago was the C&C series on PC, given that these titles are now looking good on a PS3 I wondered which one is more PC'esque in regards to the control system?

I've got the whole PS3 Move package and I am thinking it maybe more akin to the mouse control of the PC than using a DS3 controller (not a big fan of the analog sticks to control a pointer)

Lets face it, I'm getting on now and want the old C&C type game back without the PC but retaining the mouse style interface. So is R.U.S.E worth a punt?


red alert with a controller? pffff.

I'm a big fan of the series and the only way to play is with a mouse

I played RA3 on the xbox, well for about 3 minutes. It wasn't for me, too much effort to do simple things. Much easier with a mouse.

Just re-installed C&C3/Kane's Wrath on my PC yesterday.
Going to crank up the original Red Alert soundtrack and build some bases

Need a break from all these FPS/Action games.

i would love to come to the all you can eat buffet with you,cant help on the games though.

Is Ruse(PC) similar to Red Alert engine and gameplay, I used to love the RA2 and Yuri's Rev


C&C RA is crap with a controller

I might just get the PC version of Ruse to try it, see if it can tingle any youth in me
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