C&C Tiberium Wars - Game anyone?

Anyone want a game of this? I've not played it for ages!


I never really got into it, way too much of a spam fest! Money comes in like there's no tomorrow and units are built almost as quickly as you can click. Only the real best players can use any kind of strategy as us slower players have to spam lots of the same unit in order not to be crushed by the other player doing the same thing.

Try the c&c4 beta, runs out in 2 days. Multiplayer is quite nice, unit cap so not too much spammage. Single player looks awful though, basically just skirmish battles, and not very many of them, 7 levels each side I think.

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Unfortunately i don't have a beta key


Unfortunately i don't have a beta key

They're free to get, are there no more available?

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