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Found 31st Aug 2008

I'm quite new to this site so please forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I quite liked this PC bundle but I thought i'd get some advice from you guys before purchasing..


Many thanks and any advice will be appreciated!


Nice Spec. :thumbsup: Not sure about the price. :thinking:


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Thanks guys... So do you think it's too pricey? Also, i heard that on Vista you cant run more than 3GB Ram, does anyone know if this is true?

Decent spec. for the price; check psu to make sure it's decent quality and at least 600W if you intend adding another video card, 500W if you don't.

Vista 3Gb limitation is down to type of Vista (32-bit rather than 64-bit) and type of chipset on motherboard (check both).

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Thanks Frogman! That's a big help! I'll give them a call and check both details then... I thought it was a decent system too but wanted someone elses input :-)

DDR2 533? I'd have expected DDR2 800 on a system like that. Cibox is also a very cheap monitor brand so quality won't be excellent.

Unless you particulaly want to buy from CCL I think you'll find better if you look around. There was a dell on here recently with the same specs and same price but with a 24" dell monitor for example.

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Thanks for your input EndlessWaves... I was just about to place on order then too :w00t:

Does anyone know where I can get a PC with a similar spec from? Somewhere with a reasonable price please :-)


Hi if I had your £750

I would get myself the Antec 900 case £60
2gb PC8500 £40
dvd writer £20
psu £70
heatsink fan £30
Quad core 6600 processor £100
HD4870 Grpahics card £350
Hard drive £50
Windows Premium oem £30

save a bit more for

Motherboard £70 or more and get someone to build it for you

Windows Premium oem £30!!! :w00t: where :?:
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