hi im after a kit that can watch over my car at night as someone hit it a few weeks ago and didnt tell me, i live in a cul de sac so i assumme it was a neigbour and i dont want to have to pay out £500 again to fix it. looking to spend about £200-£250 or alot less if possible.


    Looking for one of these too...

    Caught my neighbour trying to throw stuff in my garden over my hen house at 530am this morning...

    Funny thing is he denied it...even though I was watching...:x

    I would ideally want one for my front garden/drive and the back
    as we have an alley way that runs along the bottom of garden...a well known access point for burglars...

    sooo fed up with people scratching the cars on way past and finding rocks in my garden thrown from alley (or poss neigbours)


    Although B&Q are having a sale on the Micromark cams i wouldn't bother as they are not good enough to id someone at night. Choosing a suitable cam means you have to take certain things into account, like light,area.

    Dont know if any of you are interested in some new cameras I have left .I used to sell them many years ago and out of the few left I have some CCTv cameras with PIR and intercom and mike and LEDs .Once setup anyone who walks into the PIR activates the camera , the TV changes channel and you can see who's there .There is a control box , press the button and you can talk to the person through the built in speaker ,the replys are relayed back through the TV .You can set it so that the activation sounds a two tone sounder [like a door bell ] instead of showing the picture on screen or you can have both .These are cabled devices [not 2.4g wireless]and plug into a scart .For indoor use or sheltered position only.New & Boxed . I use one myself in my garage .

    ps .Hope I haven't broken any rules ,I'm not drumming up business , just offering an answer to the first thread . Please delete if I have .

    no cameras etc left in B&Q

    I tried to talk to the neigbours but they decided to deny everything and even put their foot in it by trying to use an excuse for "stepping" past the wall which couldnt possibly be true and would even be disproved by simply looking out at their garden

    So as they are very "childish" Im expecting a shower of rocks and rubbish over the next few weeks, thus I need asap some cctv for my garden...

    It should be enabled for night time, even though if they step in their garden their own security light floods both gardens so might not really need it

    Ill have a look through the threads and have a look about.

    Ricko - not sure its what Im looking for really?...thanx anyway

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