Found 3rd Dec 2007
having trouble with some idiots throwing eggs at one of my windows. i need some way to catch them. cctv is good but i can wite it up as it is to far away from tv/sockets ect.....

ebuyer have this one…%3D

how does it go onto my tv? hows it wireless?

are there anyothers on there that anyone would reccomend?

im even thinking a dummy box with red lights on would be enough to scare them off - please advise as im at the end of my tether :-(

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the link you have posted doesn't seem to work, goes to shopping basket...

my wireless one worked by plugging the receiver into the tv and the camera were i like (much like wifi signal)

if u want to go the fake camera route (im 99% sure argos do them)

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are these weatherproof? does anyone know?

Thats an internal camera and definitely not waterproof!

Although you can put it very close to a window and it will "see" through a window.

I ahve a similar model on the window above the front door (not many people realise theres one there!) and it sees out across the door to a driveway. In darkness it doesnt see anything (as its reflected back by the window).

However with a external light it can then see "out" ok.

The other problem you need to be aware of is wireless cameras can be intefered with due to Wireless TV feeds etc. I replaced all my wireless ones with wired ones as you can pick up a waterproof decent SONY HAD cctv camera (wired) with 30-50m night time viewing for around £80.


from Ebuyer woudl be better for you?
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