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Found 10th Sep 2017
I came across this and would like something similar but an it cheaper. Something that will catch number plates as vehicles on my road are at risk. If someone can direct me towards something that will do the job. I'm also looking at dahua cameras from light in the box. This is the link to the camera I saw

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There was an article on Dailymail about a company who u had to pay a yearly subscription and they used satellite to provide this information. Someone else might be able to chip in...

Thanks for the info. Never heard of this. Can you direct me to the article. I can get a read up before the guys provide further info.
There are number plate recognition from the likes of hikvision,

DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P dark fighter range

None are cheap however

but are you on a commercial premises or a house, how will you angle it ?

You can't just go filming all the cars In the areas without registering your camera's either ico, must follow strict data protocols too and you will no doubt pick up people too so implications for that also
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