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Found 17th May 2010
To cut a long story short, our neighbours are vile people. The typical chav family, neither work, loads of kids, etc. We don't like them and they don't like us although we have tried to keep things civil.

However, we have just bought a new car and we are really concerned that these idiots will scratch it or something. With our old car, random scratches started appearing over the years and we are pretty sure it is them but could never prove anything.

With the new car, we don't want it damaged so we are looking at buying a CCTV camera to watch over it. I know it seems a bit paranoid and drastic, but these people are horrible and I honestly wouldn't put it past them to damage the car out of jealousy / spite.

Anyway, bit of an odd request but where can we buy a CCTV camera? Must record (I have seen some that just plug into a TV and don't record?) so if anything did happen, we would have evidence. However we don't want something obvious, just small and discreet.

Any ideas?

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I don't know anything about cameras. However have a look at this

you could look for a cheap pci cctv capture card and a couple of cameras. presuming you you have a desktop pc this will prob be the cheapest option
ebuyer have cctv cameras.
Any one what sort of thing I am looking for? The nearest window to the road / our parking space is our bedroom so we would want the camera inside the window. Would it need to be connected to a computer? Or do some have hard-drives?
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]I've used the one from maplin for the same purpose, great night vision too, beware when dealing with the neighbours that you record everything, keep a diary, and if you ever need to call the police, make sure you get a crime number and quote it for any subsequent calls when you have similar issues, this may seem paranoid, but if things escalate or continue, if you've got all the details logged with the police on the same crime number they have to take it seriously, and not palm you off as a loon too.. good luck[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]The one i bought from maplin was small discreet, and i put it on the window ledge,it plugged into my tv, and i could record on video, maybe not the best for you, why not ask instore, i'm sure they can advise you better [/COLOR][/SIZE]
Make sureit only records up to your boundaies otherwise family Chav can acuse you of spying if it's only recording your property they can't as its classed as security footage
This is a wireless one (Yale) from ]ASDA for £100.00.

If you are looking for a wired one have a look at this from ]Argos for £79.89. (Just noticed this is also available for £38.99 @ Argos's ]Ebay outlet) - Item number:350354614268

If you are looking for a deterrent only, have a look at this dummy camera from ]Tesco. (Also available at Tesco for same price).
Yes i'd say be careful too. I know someone who recorded for the same person however they were then reported for "filming children"
also need planning permission , to erect them

also need planning permission , to erect them




also need planning permission , to erect them

No u dont u need to notify the surrounding arears by clearly avertising u have cctv IF the camera is filming outside your boundaries as stated b4 if its clearly filming ur car theres no problem
i have recently been looking at the camera market and have opted fo the Y-cam black sd, this is a ip network camera which has ability to record to sd cad in the camera and also your hard drive of off site storage, it works very well in darkness and it can be housed in its own special made outside housing if needed. It works wireless and so only requires one cable for power. Has sound also.
It also sends alerts to your phone via email , records only on alarm. Also can be viewed live on mobile.
I have had good support from the y cam company with any set up problems.
Retail for around£150 without outside housing but well worth every penny.
if you need to call Racheal is the one to speak to will help you all she can.
Some computer webcams have motion detection. I set one up for wildlife watching in the garden so it would only record when there was movement...Could be an option
I was concerned about similar when I bought me and the missus a new car each. (No problems with the neighbours, but there are always jealous types around in life!)

I bought a pair of 540 line cameras and DVR from a guy off here. Silly thing, I've installed them, but haven't connected up to a screen to view anything. (It came with SVideo connectors and the TV I can use doesnt have it!

I'd probably suggest the best way is buying a decent PC DVR card and minimum of a 540 Line camera. The higher the spec the better. Not much point in seeing who "did it", when you can make out who it was - or at least the court cant. (Looks like someone doesn't count!)
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