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Any decent CCTV 4 camera kit in offer these days please recommend for home security system or (Pan Tilt Zoom Camera kit). around £200 to £300.
Or any HD 720p HD camera system...please help
Advance thanks...


Techmoan just reviewed one today. Looks good.…V48

Id recomment SWANN, great quality cameras and video quality. A few family and friends also have the same one. Great piece of kit. Motion sensor, night vision etc can also connect to your iphone to view it live i believe…f4U
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why do u keep asking this question

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Because no yet I got decent CCTV kit..................

I recently installed a hikision system and would highly recommend it, this was after changing from a swann system that died after a year and was a nightmare to setup so i wouldnt recommend swann.

Further info here:…911


Techmoan just reviewed one today. Looks … Techmoan just reviewed one today. Looks good.


Wireless.. Yet still needs a wired connection to power it
So you may as well get a wired people camera

Hikvision gets +1 from me too

Running a 6 camera NVR at my parents via external cat 5, have HDMI output split to their bedroom and over external cat 6 to a monitor downstairs. I did use a 10" tablet but found it unreliable for 24 hour a day viewing. 2tb HD drive means plenty of space. All recording in at 1080p except 1 at 3mp over front door, excellent night vision too.

I got a good deal via a China based wholesaler, if want details pm me. For 1-2 pieces aliexpress probably cheaper but be aware of Chinese/ uk firmware

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Thanks everyone but I need wired CCTV kit CCD or HD.......Please give me recommend link.....thanks again

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Plenty of advice and link given here … Plenty of advice and link given here

............They all CCTV Security Camera System without hard drive...I need DVR at lest 1tb

Buy your own and install.

Its what I did
Took 5 minutes

Get a western digital purple
Size will depend on type of recording - continuous vs motion only, number of cameras, resolution of recording and for how long you want to keep it...

Use Flubit for a cheaper price


Sounds like you're better off paying professionals to install the whole thing if not sure about that.

Argos do a homegurd cctv kit for under £200 and has good reviews.

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That cable is only indoor rated, so not for out door use so you'll need to be able to run it all indoors and as its fixed various lengths there is no flexibility, and also premade, so you need to drill a hole big enough to get the end piece out, in to a waterproof junction box as the camera housing maybe but the cable and connection certainly isn't waterproof.
You're also reliant on their 3rd party remote view software, what if its goes down or service stopped, may not work with other systems.

NVR has no HDMI output so you have to view on an analogue monitor unless you export it

No pan, tilt or zoom function provided

Seller has some quite bad feedback. And offers no support by sounds of things

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Thanks for this information, very helpful.....
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