Cctv dvr fps question

Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Im looking for a cctv dvr, im wanting to use some ahd dome cams 3 to 5mp but when i look at dvrs they all state the fps at different resolutions but what ive found is that they do not say is if thats per channel or split between the 4 channels,

Ideally i want to have at least 20fps on each cam

If anybody has any info or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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It depends on the device. Some made from chiensium…um/ declare themselves better than they should.
Furthermore, keep in mind that the main signal with the desired resolution/fps has to be sent by the surveillance cameras (and depending on the price you'll find that at 5MP they can record at max 15fps).
In conclusion, it depends what do you want/need, and how much do you want to invest.

For a good home user system: personally I'll go with a good NVR (8 Ethernet ports, eventually with PoE) and capable to record up to 4k (pay attention that some are advertised as being 4k, but only for 1 port among 4, or 1 port among 8, etc.) and not a DVR.
Next, I'll add a WD purple 4GB; later, if the NVR accepts it, I'll add a second HDD.
Then, I'll look for some cameras: the cost for cheap outdoor cameras are today around £10-15 (2MP), £20-25 (3MP), £25-35 (5MP). Dome cameras appear to be even cheaper. Of course, you can also pay more and buy better quality and with more features cameras.

I have a Hikvision NVR and various Chinesse cameras; I'm happy with it but I'm not saying that's the only option on the market.
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