Found 26th May 2007
can anyone help me find a good deal for cctv?

I am looking for a low end low spec cctv camera or 2 cameras that have colour and night vision, don't have to be outdoors though.

i would ideally like one that i can hook up to my pc and it will record and then i can write things to disc, or something similar, not having to use a tv/vcr system.

I am a complete newbie and have never had cctv before - it is for a very small shop where i'm having some problems..

Budget is around £200 but could go higher for the right thing but will be happy if something cheaper meets my needs.

Any ideas? Thank you

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Most of the PC ones record to the hard drive and then it clears it off after 30 days and starts over again.

Quality was amazing!

I'll try to find a link.

Am after the same sort of thing. Did u find anything??
Plese let me know on [email protected]

Ebuyer have a good selection of these types of things and I think the prices are pretty decent for what you get. Of course there's Google Checkout as well to get a better deal:…rue
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