cctv help wanted please

    I did post this earlier ,but in the wrong place-but someone very kindly just deleted it instead of helpfully putting it in the right place for me !!!
    I just wondered if there is any way to get rid of the interference i get with the transmitter that came with this.
    Its a av transmitter and has the red,yellow, plugs that i put into the back of the vhs-picture is good in the day , but still has interference ,rubbish at night ,but better if i leave outside light on-but again interference is bad.
    I have moved the ariel and the whole thing about -but its still there.
    Any suggestions please?


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    Thanks for reply- i have a wireless router in the bedroom next door .
    Transmitter is going into the video, tv and humax box all in same place on a tv unit.

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    could i just buy a better transmitter on its own?

    If it is you wireless router that is interfering with the cam then maybe you can change the channel and it might help.
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