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    So I need an external cctv kit installing in a property and waiting for quotes from electricians. I could just ask a handy man but since the system is in someway electric operating I thought best to have this. What rate should I be expecting? I think it's classed as an all day job starting early so interested in the install fee when they come to see me. Would this differ much from London based to outer London and to the North. Note: A CCTV company sell their kit and install as a package and the quote was over £2k hence buying a ready kit and getting someone to install. Thanks


    do it yourself, each camera plugs into the mains and a cable runs to the recording unit, drill into the loft and connect that way.
    eady snd saves your money

    Just do it yourself, its simple.
    Only have to run a shotgun wire, which includes power and video connection. From cameras to the system/power.

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    I'd do something wrong so happy to pay just want a good deal on install.

    You might be as well getting quotes from a TV/Ariel engineer. The only electrical parts are plugging into the mains, everything else is AV. Quotes will probably be cheaper too!!
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