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Found 12th Mar 2018

I live in a council property. I’m looking to have cctv installed. Do I need permission for this?
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If you live in social housing you have to ask to install a sky dish but no one does

They are not going to ask you to remove it until your leave
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I wouldnt bother asking TBH, I'de just put one up and see if your asked to take it down again. Unless someone complains they wont even know its there.
Bang it up and wait to see if council demands you remove it. Also consider DPA obligations. If the captured footage does not extend beyond your boundary it is unlikely that a(ny) DPA complaint could be upheld, but if the footage covers say your car parked on the public road, that is when the CCTV operator exposes themselves to DPA issues (and provides council with ammunition to demand adjustment / removal). Quite easy to find the DPA requirements…ty/ but not so easy to find what you can or cannot attach to council-owned housing.
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