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Found 22nd Jan

im wanting to install cctv cameras at the front and rear of my property but have struggled due to the roof line and being able to run cables.

i do have an external light on the front and rear of the property. Is there anyway I could either use the light that is there as the power supply and buy a discrete hidden camera and connect it up to that? Or are there any light bulb cctv cameras that I could put in the light fitting to use that also emit light ?

Many thabjs
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That works if you want to catch the person who robbed your house but is no deterrent to them actually doing it - Just saying
Where is the external light fed from, as in off a socket or straight from the main board, or is it on the lighting circuit
It’s a new build so I guess off the lighting circuit
Just run the cables under the tiles
You don't want CCTV cameras up high, they would just capture caps or hoods.
Better to have a few at lower levelAnd of course if your dvr unit can be stolen they just took away your cctv recording.
I have the sensor lights at front and back of property. Scumbags usually wear the same clothes, if not lit up you can't tell anything when your camera is on infared.
Ideally you have a camera for them to target and one hidden at face height.
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