cctv needed pref with 1 camera, sound inc, record day and night with a dvr

    i dont have a dvd recorder so i need a camera that comes with a recorder, app the wired ones are better than the wireless, i only need the 1 camera, would prefer colour, sound is very important. im having problems with neighbours and would also prefer it to come with a date and time stamp. can anyone please help as it seems so complicated, many thanks. oh, the budget is £200. many thanks x

    looked at this one but the size of the hd card put me off, it says max 1gb - is this a mistake?…htm


    I work for a CCTV / intruder alarm company, why dont you try ringing a small company, for what you want im sure you get installed within your budget.

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    what kind of company? i dont know where to start to be honest

    just tried a couple, £600 - £1000 - way more than my budget


    what kind of company? i dont know where to start to be honestjust tried a … what kind of company? i dont know where to start to be honestjust tried a couple, £600 - £1000 - way more than my budget

    thats for a cctv system, if you are looking for a DVR and 1 camera, it wont be that price, do you want a monitor aswell, where are you based? try looking in the yellow pages for a small alarm company.xx

    p.s - Iv you are only having 1 camera you dont need to be buying a 16channel dvr, look for a 4 channel one. :thumbsup:

    you're going to struggle to get anything for that price, i'd suggest using a PCI card to use your PC as the DVR.

    Give this bloke a call, he should be able to advise you better…sZ1

    The cheapest type of system will be the SD card DVR . Some record sound , some dont , some will allow you to use any type of camera , others come supplied with a camera. Most have date and time stamp and allow you to set up movement zones . The HDD DVR's are the best and most have 4 inputs but only one audio input , but there not cheap . There normally 160GB HDD for the cheaper models but I suppose you could fit a larger drive in .

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    thanks guys, still no futher forward tho, whats your thoughts on the argos one?
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