hi every one

Dont know if this is a place i should be in. Im looking for a cctv system with around 3-4 cameras, movement sensor, that records and also i can access the cameras via the internet. Can some one point me towards the right direction please.

Much appreciated


This is an excellent bit of kit, has a central control unit that looks similar to a wireless router, you can add upto 4 wired cameras and 16 wireless devices, these can include cameras, temperature sensors etc, the cameras have motion sensors and can send notifications by email or sms. you can also access the cameras via a web site.

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where do i find it?

what is it called?

thanks for the quick reply

so quick he forgot to post a link!!

So sorry, it is Motorola Homesite

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Hi ya guys

thanks for all your replies, really appreciated. Ive seen this product what do you guys think, any good



If you just buy any cameras you want, 2nd hand or new. buy a dvr board of ebay ( 4 - 16 camera models available from about £ 20).
Then do a search on the internet for dico800, this is free software which is excellent, with everything you could want

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thanks pcfairs

that is brilliant i will do that.

I was thinking about an item on ebay item number 180222225270

do you think this is value for money?


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The moto homesight is the best system if you want a cheap as chips system you really will not get better for the money.

Only downside being you have to leave your computer on. However i know that with myhome247 (they are the official resellers of motorola homesight and give all the tech support) you can get the internet monitoring and control plus there is a new java application letting you view live video feed from your cameras plus control other devices from your mobile phone which is really super cool!!

u sure its one of the best for cheap as chips? anything to back it up as im lookin for a cctv system and help will be thanked¬

The motorola system was reviewed on frequency cast who independently review products i think it was episode / cast 21 and on frequencycast.co.uk. I don't think i can post links so you'll have to search and they seemed to be quite impressed.

the good thing about the system is that all the accessories are cheap so you can add extras on really simply and there's no complicated programming - they all auto discover. Minus points are that you have to have your pc running to view the cameras/ control it. However i think there is now a superseded IP version version available which runs on it's own via broadband that is a bit more advanced. hope this helps?!
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