C/D & 9V(pp3) rechargeable batteries.

    With Christmas coming up im after the following rechargeable batteries.
    AA size x 8
    C size x8
    D size x4
    9V (pp3) x2

    The best prices I can find are:
    AA size £4.99 4 pack of philips 1300maH
    C size £10.98 for 4 energizer 2500mah(argos)
    D size £9.98 for 4 energizer 2500mah (argos again)
    9V (pp3) £10.98 for 2 energizer 175mah (argos again)

    So total for my requirements would be spend of £52.90 plus a possible bonus of £10 in gift cards.

    Can anyone find anything better value or know where i should be looking?
    The batteries dont need to be super high capacity as they are for kids toys.


    I get my rechargeables from, I've found their own brand very good:

    AA (2500mAh) x 4 = £2.99
    C (2300mAh) x 2 = £2.99
    D (2300mAh) x 2 = £3.19
    9V (200mAh) x 1 = £2.79

    Even when you've added postage you should still save a bit of cash.

    Try Lidl or Aldi they are cheap

    AA size x 8 = £4
    C size x8 = £16
    D size x4 = £4
    9V (pp3) x2 = £4

    Total £28

    The whole point of rechargables is reusablity,economics and (enviromental issues by reducing consumtion) longevity, unfortunately you do get what you pay for, the technnology is currently changing and there are pros and cons to different types (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-lion, RAM (Rechargable Akaline Manganese) etc....) but for general use and maximum longevity use a charger that slow (gently) charges (fast chargers reduce the life of batteries) and get high capacity as they will last longer.

    As it is a long term investment consider spending as much as you can rather than reducing you spend and Ansmann is (currently the world leader in rechargable batteries) worth investing in.

    Also look at:…tml…=14…971
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