cd discount are going to close because of debs

    but is it still ok to buy from them just now?
    as the websites still up


    if they are closing, how do you expect them to send the goods ? lol

    The courier may be owed money so may not be picking up goods from them :roll:

    Who's Debs? :whistling:

    what has Debs done to them?


    dont give them or debs your money(never trust a manc):)

    set of con artists and finally its caught up with them

    Original Poster

    debs lol u know what i mean

    Subbed.... :lol:

    Tonico, where did you hear about this? I can't find any info on it :-)


    Tonico, where did you hear about this? I can't find any info on it :-)…ion


    Oh COME ON!

    It's nearly dinner time mate! :lol:

    To answer the OP - I wouldn't.

    Glad to see the back off!

    Bunch of criminals - never refunded my CC for two returned TV's, No matter how much I called or emailed them.

    In the end I had to contact my CC company and do a fraud refund request..



    to answer post #11, i wouldn't either.

    Made me lol.



    So the companies going into administration because there in debt and you want to still order from them?


    Awww come on, be fair, it wasn't Debs' fault.

    "Counsel said that once it had been advertised that the firm was seeking to be wound up there was a concern that goods in transit may be held on to by creditors."

    Finally another cd discount thread
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