CD exprets: Where is the best place to see a rare CD?

Found 11th Sep 2007

I have a rare CD that is only collecting dust which I am considering selling. I have seen the occasional one on ebay, but wondered if anyone knew of any trustworthy CD dealers or perhaps it would be better for me to hang on to it for a few more years.

Its a 1984 'Now that's what I call music 4' CD which was never even played. It belonged to my elderly aunt who just collected CD's and who's husband would never allow her to play such rubbish!! It is therefore in perfect condition and even has the original till receipt from HMV in the case too!

Any suggestions welcomed
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Oops, should read experts NOT exprets (but I'm sure you guessed that LOL!)

Should have said sell NOT see

(been a long day!!)
Ive used these before.....
go to the help/sell your stuff

good luck!
You could always sell it on Amazon Marketplace.

The Now 4 CD is now extremely collectable and with the item being so … The Now 4 CD is now extremely collectable and with the item being so rare, it can frequently attract bids of up to five hundred pounds on internet auction sites as fans complete their Now CD collections.

Source :…%29

I would suggest that you take it too or contact a reputable Record Dealer such as:…asp
or the one linked above.

Be aware though that you will receive considerably less through a dealer than if you sell it yourself through say Ebay.

If you do take the Ebay route please make sure you are 100% ok with how the site works and the scams that can happen. That goes for Paypal as well.
It would be very easy to lose your CD etc if you're inexperienced.

Take care and good luck
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