Found 1st Dec 2004
Hi all,
I used to use expressit cd labelling kit but even if i calibrate my printer as it says i find that it does not print exactly on the stickers if i put it over the template and i find myself having to guess where the edge would really be. i havent got an old printer or anything, i'm using a hp psc2115 all in one.
anyway has anyone else had this issue and been able to solve it?
are these cd printers (i think they are) any good, as i love labelling cd's but cant find anything that works well.
what do you guys use
thanks to all who reply


I use a pen.

I use a special CD writing pen. Not sure where I got it from but presume they are all over the place?

Me too, I just use a pen - it's a 'Pilot CD Marker' pen, got it in a Stationer's, I think it was about £2 or so.

Well sometimes just a marker won't do the trick

I've always found that lining up the pre-cut templates can be a tedious job as well. What I have done in the past, though, is create and print my label and cut it out myself. It does take a steady hand, but you know it's going to fit just the way you want it to. I then used rubber cement to glue it to the CD - but you have to be really careful to spread it evenly. I suppose a better option would be to print to a blank self-adhesive paper if you can find some, because then you don't have to worry about the glue. Not the best method if you do this a lot though! A CD printer might be a good option but they cost a pretty penny.

Try looking at the Epson R200. You can get them for about £70 now with a full set of compatible inks for £9 (

i like printning the cd cover on top of when i mbackoing up cds

Do you use the original HP papers for labelling?

In your printer set up or preferences, there should be settings for each type of paper, generic or otherwise. Also using the original HP software could help.

Original Poster

no i use expressit labelws but dont know how to set it and calibrating it should do

I think the HP set up shows other makes of paper or labels. I know they are so difficult to line up sometimes though.

All I can suggest is that you keep trying on ordinary paper that's thin enough to lay over the label paper. Then see by trial + error whether you can ailgn to the CD circles.

I use the CD marker pen and havent had any problems yet.


I use the CD marker pen and havent had any problems yet.

I think it's so the labels can be printed to make the CD/DVD more authentic.

CD marker pens are all I use, but there are free samples of CD/DVD labels available through a link on HUKD. Pretty good if you want to professionalise your work

I use post-its.
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