Cd player repair costs?

Hi Folks,

Wonder if anyone could help.

My parents have a Denon system, it's 9 years old and the CD player is playing up, it started jumping tracks on clean discs, now will not read any discs at all.

Tried a lens cleaning disc and using compressed air in it.

Does anyone know how expensive a repair would be on a CD player to replace a laser?

Any help would be appreciated.



more than the cost of replacing it

take the top off and clean the laser with some isopropanol alcohol on an ear twiddler thing. Also clean the guide rails in the same way then use some white lithium super lube to re-grease

Chances are you can either fix it or up its bias to get a couple more years out of it. Lasers aren't that expensive and shouldn't be that difficult to replace yourself.

Ally, l assume you have run a head cleaning disc through the player, you may need to run it through several times if the heads are really dirty, l have a vertical disc player with an open slot and need to clean it every month to keep it performing properly.

I think you can get very cheap second hand iPods


I think you can get very cheap second hand iPods

I don't think you can put a cd in an iPod

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Thanks for replies everyone, my parents are getting on a bit and only use cd's, I will give it a go in opening unit up and giving it a clean.

Most cd units themselves are pretty generic and often easily swapped out.
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