CD player with pitch (speed) control

Found 2nd May 2006
Just starting out as a part-time dance teacher (Ballroom and Latin American) and i need a cd player with pitch control to allow me to adjust the speed of cd's if the song's too slow or fast.

Ideally i need one with built in speakers and enough power to be heard in a hall, and the ability to play cd-r's would be preferable.

Any ideas?

(thx in advance )
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Is this the sort of thing what you want?

Numark CDN15 Single CD Player

Lowest price I can find it is £108.71p and it plays CD-R's
Mobile CD DJ kit - 64.99 (less 3 quid if you dare subscribe to their newsletter).

According to spec, it got pitch control on CD and tape. Also CD-R compatible.
Oops no speakers on the Numark one either :roll:

Nice price on the Mobile CD DJ kit Kommunist
seen that one for £47.99 Kommunist, was unsure as i've never heard of the brand before.

Just checked the in-depth specs though and unfortunately the pitch bend is only a temporary adjustment that reverts back to normal once the 'pitch' button is released - don't fancy carrying it around with me on the dance floor :lol:

As for yours Rayman, that's probably the sort of thing i'm after however i think i'd need an amp as well as speakers for it - trying to find something a bit more portable (like Kommunist's one)

Thx to you both for looking, let me know if you find anything else
think i might get this one, but for half the price of ebay


let me know if anyone can find a real bargain price for it though, i'm stumped
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