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Found 4th Feb 2009
Hey, i bought a sony cd rw off a person on here, i plugged it in along side my other dvd rw, but it does not show up in my computer or read any cd's. And on start up and error message comes up saying unable to initialize wnaspi32.dll?? also on device manager its got a yellow flashing thing next to it, any ideas?


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Is this in a desktop PC or a laptop PC ?

If it is a dekstop PC is it an internal fitting (go inside the case) ?

Is it IDE or SATA connection?

Have you checked if the devices are correctly set up as Master and Slave? (I believe this only applies to IDE but may be wrong).

If the old CD and the new CD are on the same IDE cable you need to set one as Master the other as Slave.

Have you tried to update the drivers?

you dont need drivers for IDE or SATA

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there ide connections, i tried looking for drives but there isn't any, how would i set 1 as master and 1 as slave then?

look at the back of it and there is markings, move the little plastic thing to the slave

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ok cheers m8, i will try that soon

You only need to set master / slave if they are plugged into the same IDE cable.

So if you have an IDE cable like this:…gif

You plug the blue end into the motherboard, the grey connector into the middle goes on the slave, and the black one on the end goes on master.

You then need to set the small connector on the back of the DVD drives to master and slave. This is easier to do with the drives OUT the case, or at least without the cables plugged in.

This picture shows what you need to do (I think this is a hard disk but the principle is the same)…jpg

You plug the small connector over the 2 pins on one drive to set it as master, and you plug another connector on the other drive to set it as slave.

On some drives you just leave the connector off to set it as slave. There should be a small diagram on the case of the two drives telling you how to set them as master and slave.

If you have not got any connectors either get one off a hard disk or CD drive you are not using, or you will have to buy (or borrow) one from somewhere. Any PC repair shop will have loads of them.
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