CD shelving...

    Hi all

    Can anybody advise on buying cheap, effective CD storage?

    I need to house up to 1000 CDs.




    Go to, something like the 1000 cd dj storage case should be ideal.

    Don't forget the cheap shipping and hotukdeals discount.


    Original Poster

    Sorry for taking so long to reply - thanks for the post! I was actually meaning shelving though...sorry!

    Have you tried IKEA?

    My mate used to have 1000's of cds in wooden racks that screw to the wall in any pattern you want


    They hold 20 cds and cost £2.99

    any use?

    Kim :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for that, Kim; I've gone with an item from Ebay in the end that holds 1000 - that would cost me £150 for the same from Ikea!


    I am also looking for a DVD/CD storage and wall mounted, any deals?


    This was actually quite hard to find answers for. Came across some nice ones for me on the way though. Hope you like.

    make your own…EPS

    or these are really nice but would take up a lot of space for 1000 discs

    or more plausible…b4f
    quite pricey in my opinion. I would whip out the mdf and saw for this one.

    How about going to your local timber yard, maybe it works out cheaper, just dont visit Travis Perkins, they aint cheap.
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