I've never used CD-Wow before, I've always gone for so someone may be able to advise me here.

    Is it me or does it not tell you if an item is out of stock? I ask because I ordered an item last Tuesday morning and its still showing as "pending dispatch" thats almost 6 days and its still not been shipped. With play it would have been shipped and here by now.

    Is it worth giving them a call or do they get in contact with you if an item is out of stock - I dont want to leave it too late that I cant get it in time for xmas.


    [SIZE=2]there is a contact us link on there web site. They normally respond within 24hours[/SIZE]

    Use the contact them service, apparantly there very good.

    I was worried that my order turned up days after my mums despite me ordering before her!

    I dont rate anymore, i used to, but wasnt impessed that it took them 6 weeks to get something back in stock, thank god i ordered well in advance as it was an xmas present

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    Yeah I've used that now, lets see what they say, it was only a DVD but thats not the point.

    I've never had a problem with play, in future I'll stick with them

    I used to order tons from play, but i really dont anymore, i dont really like there packaging either, its usually always open/damaged when it gets here!

    i agree with Joshanna, i dont think play are as good as they used to be. The biggest difference is CDwow are based in Hong Kong, which is why some items take a little bit longer to arrive. Dont panick (yet) i think there is still a week left to get stuff in time for christmas

    Well, last week my item was despathced from play on saturday, it turned up on wednesday, most of these companys also have REALLY slow posting time

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    I have to admit, i usually buy stuff like DVD's on impulse from the shops, its only games that I pre-order from play, and they've never let me down and always had it delivered on release day.

    The CD-Wow "status" system is pretty flawed as well, it doesn't always show when something has changed.

    I posted this in another thread, but a few weeks ago I ordered a DVD from them, and the status only changed to "Despatched" 2 days after I'd already received it.

    I have had a Paul Weller dvd pending despatch for over a week now.I was just about to fire off an email,when i thought i would check to see if it was showing as in stock on the site and noticed that it has a release date of 18th dec.:oops: Still don't know why it is saying pending despatch though and not pre-release.:?

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    Mines now showing as dispatched


    Mines now showing as dispatched

    :thumbsup: panick over:giggle:

    i ordered a couple of books and they were showing pre-release even though they were released April 06 I emailed them and they said it was a flaw in their system, they do seem very slooow and the mo probably cos of all those £5 voucher orders!!

    I've actually just realised that i've had a box set on order with them since the 28th of November :shock: still 'pending despatch' GRRR just dropped them another mail
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