Found 3rd May 2008
Has anyone else had any issues recently with orders from CD-WOW? I ordered something 2 weeks ago and it is still pending dispatch. This in itself is no problem, but the fact they have debited my account is. The games themselves no longer appear anywhere on the site and I have emailed them several times and all i get back is a stock 'I will escalate this to the relevant department' response. And I have received this 4 times so far to 4 separate emails.

Surely it isn't difficult in this age to just tell me what is going on with my order. I had ordered some games for a mates birthday but ended up having to get them from somewhere else. I will definitely no longer be using this schister of a company ever again no matter how good their offers are. It just fooks me right off that someone can't spend 2 mins writing me an email telling me what is actually going on. I mean i'm paying them to do **** all apparently.

This all HUKDs fault, if I hadn't seen the offer posted in here I wouldn't now out of pocket :-(



there was a post about them recently with somebodys gta pre order not getting sent out till tuesday lol

and as i said in there they are ****

they entice people with vouchers and they are affiliated with every site known to man but they still are ****

I tried to cancel an order with them & they didn't even reply to my email and sent the dvd a couple of weeks later! I guess if you aren't in a rush & you are getting a good deal then they are worth using....


just to be different - I use them to buy CDs and never had any problems and in fact when a cd has turned up damaged or not working they send another one out straight away ... same with dvds but cant comment on games from them ...

I ordered a dvd box set from them and heard nothing for a week, so emailed them. To be fair, they replied quite promptly saying they were awaiting stock from their supplier, but it's annoying that they take payment at the time of order for stock they don't have and that they then leave it to the customer to chase them up rather than automatically advising of the lack of stock. After another week I emailed again & decided to cancel the order. They did respond reasonably promptly and apologetically:

"Sorry for the trouble caused here - we do genuinely appreciate your understanding and patience."

So on balance I would give them another chance if it's for a real bargain, but I will be double-checking my credit card statement to make sure my payment was refunded!

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i'm more annoyed with the fact that they have apparently escalated my order to the higher uppers and yet nothing has still happened. If they had told me that the items were out of stock like they did to you ScotWill then I wouldn't have an issue, but the fact I have had to chase them 4 times with no response means I really couldn't recommend them to anyone.

For 2 mins of their time to write out a proper response could have earned them hundreds in the coming years from me, now they won't be seeing anything. Its amazing how short sighted a lot of companies are

I had the same problem, I ordered about 5 cd's and 2 came within a week and the rest took well over a month to turn up, they blamed suppliers but they didn't mid taking my money straight away. Strange that!

never had a problem with them

Wow u only realised this 5 hours and 44 minutes ago?

i pre-ordered Transformers SE from them. i rec'd it about a month late due to "supplier problems". i gave them a second chance and pre-ordered I Am Legend SE from them. still waiting for it due to "supplier problems". i won't be giving them a third chance

same here, they've had twice to get he orders right. I won't be rushing back and would buy from elsewhere even if it was slightly more expensive.

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Well, I'm hoping when I go into work on Tuesday I will get some sort of response because this is just getting ridiculous. Glad I'm not the only one out there with a bad experience

Had a DVD not turn up but was replaced within a few days, but now I seem to have been taken off their email list, and when I apply for vouchers they never materialise!
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