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Found 19th Jun 2006
I've got a CD-Wow voucher to be used by midnight. Any ideas on what to get??

Ideally, a page on the CD-Wow website listing offers under £6 would be good but I can't even find a "sort by price" feature. I'd rather get a DVD than a Music CD. I'm into stand-up comedy really, Al Murray and Joe Pasquale sort of stuff. They don't seem to have anything like that - their Al Murray DVDs are pretty much just to rent.

So, this is your challenge. You have less than three hours to find something cheap which I like. Karma innit for all decent suggestions.

Thanks in advance!!
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Hmm... was thinking more stand-up comedy really. Something a little bit rare that you might not find in the shops.

Like the Joe Pasquale/Ken Dodd stuff I've been buying.
Well, if you like Black Books the series, I was going to suggest getting the Dylan Moran Live stand up shopw, but flippin' CDwow only rent it and don't sell it!!! Well, I actually just found it in their warehouse section, but it's £13.88 - more than you were going to go for???

[color=blue]Dylan Moran Live @ CD-WOW.com[/color]


But you can get this for £6.49 @ [color=blue]sendit[/color]- so it's not worth it at CDWow LOL!!!

Well, it's an idea anyway...
:lol: That's the sort of thing.

I'll have another look in a little while.
Peter Kay live at Manchester Arena. Ideal if you like silly comedy. Not rude or satirical.
(Don't buy it if you already have Live at the Tower or at the Albert Halls as it is pretty similar)

mean girls for under a fiver

cert 12 but it's actually very funny!!!

loads of special features 2

not stand up comedy but a refreshingly good comedy feature
Thanks slinks!!

Not my cup of tea, but as emma pointed out with the Dylan Moran thing, a lot of stuff I'd like is cheaper elsewhere - even with the voucher.

e.g. "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure" looks good, but it's £15 there but sendit have it for £6.

I've gone for Mean Girls. Can always give it as a present. Didn't have to give card details either because it was a free order - was surprised at that!!

EDIT: Karma given to all. Thanks for your suggestions!!
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