CD-WOW money and dispatch query

    I just checked my bank account statement online and have noticed that CD WOW have taken the dosh from my account for Zelda TP on GC!!

    I have just visited their site and it no longer appears in the GC top 20. I then clicked on my orders and it was still "pending dispatch":x I would like to know if they get cash from peoples account if they have run out of stock of a title.

    How long should I wait before I am allowed to get my dosh back assuming that I never get it (as it is mega rare)

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


    At christmas I had to contact credit card company for refund. They claimed no stock after two weeks I cancelled. then they said it was dispatched got fed up as it was a present and was instantly refunded to my card.
    As a point of information all stock is sent from hong kong as far as I am aware

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    Thanks for the reply Tony. I was under the impression that CDWOW only takes the money when they are ready to dispatch. This has been the case with all of my other orders on that site.

    I dont want to go to the hassle of contacting my bank though (used a debit card) and would prefer if CDWOW refund me themselves if I have to wait longer than a fortnight.

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    I have ordered my game from Gameplay so I now need to cancel my order with CDWOW. They have already taken my money but not dispatched the order.

    Does anyone know if I will be able to get a refund easily?

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