CD Wow Number???

    I'm very angry. I have not received an order which was made and apparently dispatched on the 9th December it's now the 22nd December and it's still nto turnt up. When wiill Royal Mail last deliver? And has CD Wow have a number to call them about this? I've emailed them but this is unacceptable.


    I ordered something on the 25th November and only received it yesterday so it should come... eventually.

    CD wow are hong kong / asia based so there won't be a UK number to ring.

    Not a lot you can do about it imho, just wait. I have ordered stuff from cdwow, and never waited more than a fortnight,

    I only use cdwow for very small items like a single dvd on offer, as I know it's slow delivery and very little CS

    Hi,my order was the same, despatched on the 9th December. I emailed them and got this reply yesterday.

    Thank you for your recent order; we are sorry to hear it has not yet arrived and
    apologise for the delay in responding to your query.

    International Postal Authorities have advised that there have been delays with
    deliveries to the UK and Europe. Some CD WOW! orders have been affected as these
    delays will affect our normal delivery times. Customer feedback suggests orders are
    now arriving more quickly, meaning parcels are likely to be delayed rather than

    We appreciate your patience and please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in

    They are really really really really really bad on Delivery....only bettered by Zavvi.....

    Its that time of year when the temporary postal workers have sticky fingers.......either that or its delayed.
    I currently have 2 items that were dispatched about 12 days ago and havnt had anything.

    Same problem, different retailer.....

    This is an official statement from the Hong Kong Post Office:In recent … This is an official statement from the Hong Kong Post Office:In recent months, there has been upsurge in outbound air mail items compared to corresponding period last year. We also see a significant increase in the general demand for air cargo space but supply of air cargo space is very stringent due to cutting back of flights by airlines. The shortage in cargo space has caused delays to our outbound mails to Brazil, Russia and a number of destinations in the US and Europe by one to two weeks over normal delivery standards.We have been working closely with carriers to obtain additional space including chartered flights, and coordinating with our neighbouring countries to send the air mail via them. We anticipate that the situation will be improved in about two to three weeks time.We apologise for any incovenience caused to you due to the situation mentioned above.Yours sincerely,Public Relations SectionHongkong Post

    Give them some time they always turn up in the end :-) - I ordered 3 dvd's from them and they were despatched on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th December - 2 turned up last week and the middle one arrived today :-)
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