CD-WOW - Slow to dispatch?

    Hi, has anyone else been waiting ages for their orders to arrive from CD-WOW? I ordered an 'in stock' DVD last Wednesday and was assuming it would have arrived by now. 'Bound to take a little longer in the postal system this time of year' I thought, but decided to sign in to my account and check my orders and found that it hasn't even been dispatched yet! Ggggrrrrrr! The same item is still showing as in stock, although it's gone up in price since I ordered.


    received this today after querying an order:

    [LEFT]We have complete confidence in our delivery partners, however, due to varying factors out of our control, there may be occasions when deliveries are delayed. We are confident that delivery will be made shortly and appreciate your patience. Should your item not arrive after 21 days of the original shipment date please notify us by return e-mail.[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and once again thank you for your continued patience.

    [LEFT]Kind Regards,[/LEFT]
    Fiona | Customer Services Representative
    [COLOR=#CC0033]CD WOW![/COLOR]

    Same problem here.
    Pending Despatch for a week now.

    This happened to me last year with them, after a month and a half I gave up and cancelled the order.:x

    my order got cancelled by them after weeks of waiting

    I've been waiting two weeks for a DVD that was supposedly in stock.

    This is only my second order - the first was again in stock, but cancelled by them after 3 weeks - the reason 'our suppliers have been unable to fufil the order'.

    Will not order from them again.:x

    CD WOW do it all the time. They are rubbish.

    This company is very naughty and should be avoided at all costs. They are particularly good at taking your order and then advising a considerable time later that they are out of stock but will deliver as soon as possible. They fail to give a new delivery date. Very nice business for them, your money and no date for delivery.

    AVOID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your comments guys.

    I've had enough of waiting and emailed them this morning to cancel my (2) orders. Have asked them to refund my card without delay. Wonder how long that'll take?! Considerably longer than it took them to debit it, I expect.

    Won't use them again. Funny though, a few years ago they were fine. I think they've been taken over since then though - by snails!!

    Hope y'all have more luck than me. :santa:

    CD Wow deliver when they like. But always charge you straight away, i've cancelled stuff months after ordering.

    Hmm i bought 2 of those MP3 players for 99p 6 days ago @cdwow.
    One came 2 days ago and the second one today.(and that´s from hong kong!)
    Have used them quite a few times before too and never had a problem to be honest.
    Guess it really depends on if the stuff you order is in stock...(which is bad though cuz they should tell you before you order)
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