CD Wow, what are they like with Refunds?

    I have in my basket 2 wii motes at £15 each in the sale, showing as £59.98 without the discount applying. I have a screen dump of the reduction page, if I contact them after I've purchased and argus the cost, will they refund me the difference?



    I would not buy them as the price stated at the checkout and email confirmation (which will be the same) will be the price that you have agreed to pay.

    they would give you the option to cancel your order.. probably

    I doubt it. It seems that they've allocated a set amount of each item in the sale to be sold at the lower price, and once that stocks gone the item goes back up to full price (going by some of the deals I posted this morning)

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    Ah ok, thats pretty annoying but never mind. Didn't really need them anyway.

    It does say 'Limited Stock', so maybe they've run of the of the cheaper ones ?
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