CD/DVD cleaner - are these any good?

    I have lots of DVDs that have become scratched and difficult for the dvd player to read. I have seen/read a lot about these so called 'CD/DVD cleaners - roughly going for about £6-20 on a certain auction site.

    Just wondering if these things are any good? Has anybody used them and did it actually make any difference to the DVDs? Basically, you put the dvd in the machince (looks similar to a portable CD player) and turn the handle 20 times or so. (Don't know how to put a picture in this otherwise would include a picture in this msg).



    I have that i bought from maplin for about £15 Two or so years ago and it is still going strong, has worked with every disc i've put in it.
    Not the hand one though the electrical.

    99p shop have their own version of disc clinic
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