Found 16th Oct 2009
I email Cdiscount at the start of the week, and have still yet to recieve a response, thus though i would ask here.

Cdiscount used to offer 3pay, whereby orders over £100 could be paid in 3 installements, with the order discpatched on the 1st installement. However iver the pat couple of weeks this option has disappeared from the site.

My question is does anyone know if this has happened before and the option returns again, or has it permanantly gone?

As i've mentioned before, i've yet to get a response direct from Cdiscount, which kind of gives me concerns about placing a big order with them, if there non-response to a simple question is anything to go by.




Yeah someone asked about this a couple of weeks ago, we received an email to say they were stopping offering the 3pay option. Whether they plan on reinstating it hasn't been made clear sorry.

shame - it was the only reason I used to goto thier website & Was something no other retailers seem to offer.

A lot of people have said that they are crap at communications - I've never had a problem with them but never had to speak to them really - everything has just gone smoothly when I've ordered.

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Thanks for clarifying.
Would imagine it's stopped for the forseable future then. They may have had some 'problem' customers in not paying the remaining installements, and been making a loss. Otherwise it would be a bit silly to stop offering this option at this time of year.
Rep left.


bunch of con merchants in my experience

second hand goods being passed off as new.....orders getting cancelled because they dont wanna sell it at that price oh and credit checks being done on items being paid for in full

just a few of the discrepancies experienced with this company

only reason i shopped there was the option of 3pay. was just going to spend some of oh cash aswell.
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