CDiscount customer orders will not be fulfilled

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Found 9th Nov 2009
~Just in case you have missed it on Bitter Wallet:-
"Its grim news for customers of As we revealed yesterday, the online store has gone into administration with debts of 8.2 million. The company was launched as a separate concern to European parent company CDiscount SA, which owns 50 per cent of the Ireland-based business and is owed 4.6 million.

What does this mean for customers? Bitterwallet spoke to a member of staff at this morning, who confirmed the company was in administration, and that orders could not be accepted and nor could any existing credit be spent. Also, CDiscount confirmed that any orders made before the company went into administration last week cannot not be fulfilled for the time being, adding that the company hopes to learn more from the administrators in the next day.

Its not all bad news. If you spent over £100 on a single item and paid by credit card, then Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 makes your credit card company as liable for your loss as the retailer. If this applies to you, then phone up your credit card company and tell them you wish to make a claim under the terms of the Act they should send you a claim form. Remember they are as liable to you as, so dont be fobbed off; it has been known by companies to deny liability in the past.

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I just cancel my order via email and called my bank up about getting my money back (Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974)

I placed my order for the 32lh2000 which didn't arrive.

edit. just go this email.


Cdiscount Retail Ltd (In Provisional Liquidation)

Dear customer

We would like to inform you that as of Friday the 6th of November 2009 the High Court have appointed a Provisional Liquidator to Cdiscount Retail Limited (

The liquidator has confirmed that he will seek to dispose of the business as a going concern and in this regard for the immediate future the business will continue to operate as normal.

If you have placed an order with us and have not received your products or have returned an order and are waiting a refund then we have been advised that you approach your bank or credit card issuer in order to recover your money.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but are committed to resolving all outstanding issues with our customers.

Kind regards

debts of 8.2 million. seems a lot for a online store..

I placed an order on 14th October,hadn't received it after a week so emailed for a refund which i received on the 26th,thank god i didn't wait!!

I ordered a tele for £409 and a canon camera for a friend at £579 .. I ended up cancelling the tele and got a refund luckily ! The camera was sent so at least my mate got it but not pleased he didn't get his £100 vouchers.

I spoke to a cust serv. rep. this afternoon 10.11.09 and he said the administrators were working on the company and didn't know whet would happen .. so I would say it is unlikely my mate will get his vouchers but more importantly the people working at cdiscount might lose their jobs. :-(

This is a shame as I have used the company quite a bit and they have been delivered on time and quickly (for my orders anyway).


Didn't realise they'd gone bust til I just got an email from Quidco about some cashback from them!
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