Cdiscount laptop not delivered....what to do?

    I ordered a laptop from CDiscount a few weeks ago, Home Delivery Network showed that it had been delivered a few weeks ago (I live in halls so had it delivered to the reception), but nothing actually turned up!

    HDN claim they have delivered it and have a signature but CDiscount are refusing to show me it. I spoke with CDiscount today who said they are going to be raising an 'escalated enquiry' and will get back to me.

    I've had plenty of stuff, including another laptop and an Xbox 360 delivered to uni halls before with no problem, so I think HDN are to blame here. What can I do? I've heard of something called Section 75 protection which would make my credit card company (paid by credit card) jointly liable, could I claim the money from them if worst came to worst?



    If you paid by credit card, you're probably best to get in touch with them any request a refund.

    Sorry just realised I missed the last part of your message. I've claimed a few refunds from my credit card company (barclaycard) before when I've been in similar situations and they've all gone through no problem.

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    Cheers for that! Do you know if having paid the bill (or not) to the credit card company makes any difference at all? I'll probably be getting the bill in the next day or two and was wondering whether or not to pay it whilst this being sorted out.

    They will put the transaction on hold while they investigate so you dont have to pay


    We are always willing provide a full explanation on any of our polices with which you may be unsure or unclear.

    Please contact our customer support team on 08444 990099 or email [email protected].
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