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Hi All,

I am planning to order a LG microwave from Cdiscount. Has anyone ordered anything before from their website. Its a pretty good deal at £39.99 + £3.99 express shipping.

I am not sure if this website sells legitimate stuff or if its all some smuggled goods. Moreover, what about returns if the products are not working.?

I have been looking for a decent microwave under £40 and havent really had any luck with Argos so far. Missed out on a good deal by 1 day over there. If anyone knows of any other website where I can get a powerful microwave for under £40, please let me know. Thanks.


It's legitimate stuff, I've ordered a couple of things from there. Can't help with returns, as I've never needed to do this before.

I might be wrong, but I'm sure someone said before that it's a website that's been operating in France for a while, and they've now got a uk based site (bit like amazon uk and etc.)...

Just recieved my 1st order an mp3 player. Customer services takes 2 days to reply !!!. They said it was tracked via a courier....... but it arrived next day via royal mail :?. OK

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Thanks everyone..!!! might be worth a shot ordering from them.. Are there any codes available around to get this cheaper or perhaps free delivery.?


Just beat me to it...

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awesome stuff.. thanks a lot everyone..!!!

I've bought a few things inc a Printer, Dyson, skype phones etc all were delivered within 4 days fully tracked. I would be happy to use them again.
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