Cdiscount refund - any problems?

Found 28th Jan 2009
Hi Guys

I order a computer from cdiscount yesterday but then remembered that i forgot to go through quidco which would work out at £20 odd pounds, so worth doing. I contact them today and asked if i can cancel and reorder, they said no problems. I just want to know if anyone has had any problems getting a refund from them before i go and order another ( I really dont want 2 computers turning up at the door!!)

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anyone please before i reorder
I had a problem with my Quidco not tracking with my order on CDiscount; first time that's ever happened to me.

Have raised a ticket with them about it.
I had no problems of what soever.

infact when i placed for an order of laptop during christmas, the site read they were offering a 15%vat back plus .......they were about to change it to 50GBP only...but when i placed the advert read both....luckily i got the both.....i had to contact them through email for my 50GBP voucher though....but its jsut one email and two days it got added to my account.

but beware of their delivery.....if you miss it you missed will only buy problems when you miss the delivery...

well so far i have nothing good to say about them
Bought some shoes from them that were supposed to be leather and when they turned up saying different i was not to happy and even less when i see they have been tried out by someone else before arriving at my door as the scuff marks on the soles clearly show.
Not had much joy with the returns department either as they fail to respond to online requests and after managing to get through on the phone i am told that an rma number will be available online and i have waited a day and still no rma number so the next step is to contact my credit card supplier and dispute the transaction. Then maybe contact trading standards regarding the fake leather.

So guys i would avoid these jokers at all costs.
Brought an Acer Laptop from them after seeing the deal for it on here. I used the 3x payments option. Got it and had to send it back, faulty DVD writer. Sending it back was no problem. I rang them on June 11th 2009 to confirm it had arrived back and to see how long a refund would take, 3-5 working days I was told. They don't offer a replacement service so it was refund only. So I ordered another one thinking I would have my money back in 5 days max. Not so. New laptop arrived but no refund. Contacted them a second time and was told again 3-5 working days and they apologized. 3-5 passed no refund so I contact them again. Tonight they have taken the second payment from my account! They say they cannot stop the payments and it is up to the refunds dept who are never there. So now I am at the mercy of their refunds dept. I am apparently on a list and when I get to the top it will be sorted. BS. I don't mind waiting for a refund but wht the hell have they taken another payment from me for something they have accepted back as faulty. I will be putting a dispute letter forward to Visa on July 11th, I can see it.

We are very concerned about your comments and experience please can you contact us on 0845 6886060 and we will resolve this for you

Kind regards

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