CDISCOUNT tv warranty??????

    Ive searched there site
    searched here
    searched google

    cannot find ANYTHING

    How much tv warranty do you get from CDISCOUNT?


    It's probably just the manufacturer's warranty in that case.

    Give them a call.

    For warranty information on your product,
    please contact the Customer Services Team on 0845 688 6060.
    "Calls made from BT landlines should cost no more than 5p per minute. Charges will vary for calls made via other service providers".


    Sale of Goods Act Fact Sheet
    Sale of Goods Act, Faulty Goods.

    Relevant or Related Legislation:
    Sale of Goods Act 1979. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002.

    Key Facts:
    • Wherever goods are bought they must "conform to contract". This means they must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality (i.e. not inherently faulty at the time of sale).

    • Goods are of satisfactory quality if they reach the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking into account the price and any description.

    • Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety.

    • It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract.

    • If goods do not conform to contract at the time of sale, purchasers can request their money back "within a reasonable time". (This is not defined and will depend on circumstances)

    • For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in Scotland) purchasers can demand damages (which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement).

    • A purchaser who is a consumer, i.e. is not buying in the course of a business, can alternatively request a repair or replacement.

    • If repair and replacement are not possible or too costly, then the consumer can seek a partial refund, if they have had some benefit from the good, or a full refund if the fault/s have meant they have enjoyed no benefit

    • In general, the onus is on all purchasers to prove the goods did not conform to contract (e.g. was inherently faulty) and should have reasonably lasted until this point in time (i.e. perishable goods do not last for six years).

    • If a consumer chooses to request a repair or replacement, then for the first six months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods did conform to contract (e.g. were not inherently faulty)

    • After six months and until the end of the six years, it is for the consumer to prove the lack of conformity.


    Original Poster

    I know my rights as a consumer mate lol

    Wanted to know if anybody knew the answer to my Q on here for sure without me calling them?

    Original Poster

    The amount of tvs sold via HUKD members on CDISCOUNT and nobody knows.


    The amount of tvs sold via HUKD members on CDISCOUNT and nobody knows.

    That's because the majority of retailers don't provide an additional warranty on top of the manufacturers. The notable exceptions being John Lewis, Richer Sounds (cost) and Robert Whyte.
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